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Prior to 1959 architects and engineers specified 20 year Bonded Roof systems which were designed by the manufacturer, applied by the roofer, inspected by the manufacturer and Bonded by a Bonding Company. In 1959 insurance companies said "no more 20 year bonds". The main reason for the demise of the Bonded Roof was lack of control. The manufacturer was acting as manufacturer, consultant, inspector, and insurance agent. These days, this arrangement would constitute a conflict of interest.

Architects were immediately forced to take another look at roofing from a quality standpoint since all of a sudden there was a lot more responsibility. The gap was bridged by knowledgeable people well versed in roofing who started out by providing a Roofing Section in the specification, and inspection services.

In Canada there were two roofing consultants that started business sometime during the fall of 1959. Mr. Peter Rohmann joined one of those firms in 1962 and understudied with the consultant for 5 years.

There are numerous firms that provide the services that Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. provides and some are very well respected. We all spend 100% of our time providing these services and only these services. Beware of the part time firms. Our field representatives do not inspect other disciplines such as concrete work, structural steel, fireproofing, soil conditions and similar work.

Early on in the roofing industry life was simple. There were 4 or 5 vapour barriers on the market, 3 or 4 insulation products and 4 basic built-up roof systems. Today there are virtually thousands of roofing materials available and hundreds of roof systems to choose from.

Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. has the expertise to guide building owners and construction professionals in the right direction.

Please note Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. do not provide applicator/installer services.
We are independent consultants operating much the same as architects who design buildings and oversee the work, without performing the actual construction.
Also when we select materials and systems, we select from the total marketplace.