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Quality assurance is vital to one's reputation in the field of "building envelope" design and application.

Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. have always maintained that the most important site inspection is the one with the contractor just prior to starting a project. During this first meeting the specifications are reviewed, site conditions are appraised and the contractor's interpretation of the design and construction becomes evident. The contractor's interpretation is of course very important since it reflects the contractor's intent and hopefully the consultant's intent.

Also, the first inspection while work is beginning provides the opportunity to reassess all conditions. We have been on many projects where everything was as per the specifications and drawings, however, actual site conditions presented some major problems, as did some differences of opinion in the specifications.

It is difficult and costly to have the roofing or other type contractor to implement changes if there are any ambiguities with regard to materials ordered/delivered or when some materials have already been installed.

Please note Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. do not provide applicator/installer services.
We are independent consultants operating much the same as architects who design buildings and oversee the work, without performing the actual construction.
Also when we select materials and systems, we select from the total marketplace.