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Although a roofing/building envelope consultant's training involves acquiring a broad knowledge of accepted practices as set out by the various related trade associations and governing bodies, we also become quite familiar with material suppliers manuals and minimum construction standards.

Having dealt with a great many technical sales representatives acting for suppliers and manufacturers, there is no question the roofing industry is becoming technologically more complicated! Manufacturers now tend to rely on the sale of extended warrantees both with and without their inherent catch-all phraseology. If the going gets rough, some manufacturers just close their doors, others change their name, while others leave the country, and so on. Some manufacturers will provide public notice and pay up or fix up within a certain date. All of these scenarios are realistic. We've seen them all.

Technical sales representatives tend to offer free consultation services when dealing with proprietary products. If it's free, be careful. Today the sales representative sells product A for Company B and tomorrow product C for company D. Sales representatives are there to sell their product. Without question there are excellent products, good products and inferior products. Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. have the acumen to distinguish between good and not so good.

Please note Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. do not provide applicator/installer services.
We are independent consultants operating much the same as architects who design buildings and oversee the work, without performing the actual construction.
Also when we select materials and systems, we select from the total marketplace.