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Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. was founded in April, 1974 by Mr. Peter Rohmann who began the study of roofing technology in 1962 by understudying with one of the foremost Roofing Consultants in Canada, Wyndham J. Freeman Limited, a company established in 1959 when bonding companies decided they would no longer issue performance bonds for roofs. From 1966 to mid 1968 Peter managed a small Toronto office for the same firm.

From mid 1968 to April 1974 Peter worked for one of the larger consulting engineering firms in Toronto , J. T. Donald & Co. Ltd., offering consulting engineering services specializing in inspection and testing. The company's range of expertise included chemical analyses, soil investigation and engineering, steel and concrete inspection, road paving, building fireproofing, and roofing inspection services. Upon joining the firm, Peter was in charge of the "Roofing" department and acted as "Supervising Consultant". Duties included consulting services, project reviews, specification and report writing, and supervising and training as many as 5 field inspectors.

In 1974 the newly formed company of Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. specialized in consulting and inspection services related to roofing and waterproofing, and in 1988 approximately, when continuing problems would develop at changes in roof elevations abutting masonry, siding and similar wall materials, the company focused on the new air barrier technology. Since that time the company has included air-seal inspections which integrate the roof and the walls thereby enhancing the performance characteristics of the "building envelope". The basic function of the air-seal, waterproofing and roofing is to protect the interior of a building from the exterior elements, and to provide an effective barrier to both air exfiltration and air infiltration.

Please note Peter Rohmann Associates Inc. do not provide applicator/installer services.
We are independent consultants operating much the same as architects who design buildings and oversee the work, without performing the actual construction.
Also when we select materials and systems, we select from the total marketplace.